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Dr Suzanne Brown is pioneering a new approach to helping people invest in their ability to perform under pressure. By bridging Clinical and Performance psychology she offers a unique opportunity to achieve a successful work-life harmony, boost productivity, improve self-awareness and have thriving relationships with yourself and others.

Each workshop is customised to meet the needs of your organisation. Workshops can be tailored for groups of any size. Below are some of the most popular requests as well as the opportunity to have a custom workshop for you. All initial enquiries will receive a complimentary consultation to identify your needs and goals.

Custom Workshop

Work with Dr Brown to get a bespoke workshop or presentation for your company's specific needs. Past examples include Get Moving Again: Life During Transitions, The Importance of Play, Managing Difficult Conversations, How to Celebrate Your Success, Focus: What's your Weapon of Mass Distraction?; Resilience: Hustle and Float

Feedback to Feedforward

90 mins

Being able to communicate feedback effectively is a key skill of any leader or high functioning team. Rather than avoid conflict, the high performing teams can tolerate conflict for growth. We also know for some, receiving positive feedback can be just as difficult as constructive feedback. In this workshop, you'll be given the opportunity to learn how to deliver & receive feedback & 'feed-forward' information authentically and honestly.

Mental Health in the Workplace

60 mins

We know that life presents unique challenges to us all and there are universal responses to the demands placed on us emotionally and mentally. Being able to discuss mental health in an open and non-judgemental way creates a richer space for us all to work and thrive in. In this workshop you'll be given practical strategies and tools to attend to your own mental health as well as know how to support those you work with. 

Co-founder Clarity

90 mins, 1/2 day workshop,
full-day workshop

Whether you're a high functioning team looking to make tough decisions or founders looking to gain more clarity and increase communication, it all starts with honest conversations. With up to 65% of businesses failing due to interpersonal conflict in the founding team, taking the time to nurture your relationship can be the best investment you make.


In this workshop we'll look at the common traps people fall into in their work relationships, and a communication tool designed to avoid growing resentments, stress and burnout. In the half day workshop, you'll also learn the traits of an emotionally fit founder and how to start applying this into your company immediately.

Understanding & Overcoming Self Sabotage


45 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins

From Olympian athletes to highly successful leaders, self-sabotage does not discriminate. If you have ever felt inferior, fraudulent or held back by fear of your inner critical voice, this workshop is for you. Self sabotage can be crippling to performance and lead to a lot of destructive behaviours. This workshop will help you understand it and how to overcome it with practical tools and strategies.

Boss Those Boundaries


60 mins, 90 mins

So many people find themselves going one of two ways in the face of their anger; passive or aggressive. In work as in life, being able to use our assertiveness effectively means that we can set and negotiate boundaries, hold ourselves and others accountable, ask for what we want and overcome obstacles that may prevent us from achieving our goals. This workshop will help you to define what assertiveness is and how to use it to your advantage.

Emotional Fitness Foundation Course


8 month course

Emotional Fitness is an inside-out process. For any company to test the limits of what it's capable of, its employees need to be mentally and emotionally fit. In a high-pressure culture, this course allows you to protect staff wellbeing, increase morale, boost productivity and truly invest in your people. The 8-month programme includes 4 full-day workshops, 4 individual coaching sessions for each of your employees and a Spotlight Personality profile for each team member to foster team cohesion and aid understanding of one another.

Emotionally Fit Mentoring


2 day workshop

Increasingly companies are valuing the benefits of mentoring their employees. Not only does this improve the competence and confidence of the mentee, but, it also provides satisfaction and increased purpose for the mentor and reduces turnover all around.

In this 2 day workshop, your mentors will learn how to cultivate traits of an emotionally fit mentor, and how to integrate this to create an emotionally fit culture. Psychological safety is the #1 predictor of successful team functioning. 

Attendees will come away with tangible and concrete skills they can begin to apply immediately.



12 month online

PEAK is a monthly online Masterclass that sits at the interface of psychological theory and elite performance from sport and business. It includes experiential exercises, practical strategies and workbooks to boost your emotional fitness across all areas of life. Learn more about PEAK.

Recent clients

What clients say...

"Over the last several years, we have turned to Suzanne to seek her knowledge and expertise on all things performance and mental health. Suzanne has a unique skillset in being qualified to combine clinical psychology with strategies on performance under pressure, in a way that makes sense. This has made a huge difference to our staff, athletes and families in achieving and exceeding their ambitions."

- Mike Dodds, Academy Manager, Birmingham City Football Club


"Ever since watching Suzanne have a room full of coaches hang on her every word and leave with lots of helpful actionable tips, I knew she would be a great person to hang out with. I have not been disappointed...every interaction I leave feeling like she has simplified the complex and raised my awareness of how I can get better as a coach and a human."

- Russell Earnshaw, Magic Academy, Former RFU Rugby Union Coach


"Suzanne’s approach is incredibly professional and empathetic. She understands the dynamics around high performance and the intricacies between athletes and those around them to get the best out of everybody."

- Kristjaan Speakmann, Technical Director, Sunderland Football Club


"Suzanne is open, ambitious, and makes a difference."

- Dr David Priestley, Independent Consultant Psychologist, Former Arsenal FC Head of Psychology

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