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"Over the last several years, we have turned to Suzanne to seek her knowledge and expertise on all things performance and mental health. Suzanne has a unique skillset in being qualified to combine clinical psychology with strategies on performance under pressure, in a way that makes sense. This has made a huge difference to our staff, athletes and families in achieving and exceeding their ambitions."

- Mike Dodds, Academy Manager, Birmingham City Football Club


"Ever since watching Suzanne have a room full of coaches hang on her every word and leave with lots of helpful actionable tips, I knew she would be a great person to hang out with. I have not been disappointed...every interaction I leave feeling like she has simplified the complex and raised my awareness of how I can get better as a coach and a human."

- Russell Earnshaw, Magic Academy, Former RFU Rugby Union Coach


"Suzanne’s approach is incredibly professional and empathetic. She understands the dynamics around high performance and the intricacies between athletes and those around them to get the best out of everybody."

- Kristjaan Speakmann, Technical Director, Sunderland Football Club


"Suzanne is open, ambitious, and makes a difference.."

- Dr David Priestley, Independent Consultant Psychologist, Former Arsenal FC Head of Psychology

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