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The Collective Journey

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Emotions matter. We may not all be formally diagnosed with an emotional difficulty, but we all have emotional health and fitness. The emotional map was created from years of clinical training and real-life work with people, getting to the core of what transforms their life. This map captures your internal landscape, helping you journey to emotional freedom.

We know that trauma is intergenerational, meaning these patterns get passed down from generation to generation, often unknowingly, but ultimately create obstacles to our creativity, authenticity and successful relationships. The map provides a tool to break that cycle and begin to rewrite the narrative. It enables you to see where you are so you can know where you’re going, and crucially how you’re going to do that.

Inside, you’ll find modules helping you explore your core emotions, and how to use this rich information to lead you towards what you want and away from what no longer serves you.

You’ll learn how to observe and regulate your anxiety so that you can tolerate anxiety for growth. Improvement requires movement and that means being able to safely get comfortable being uncomfortable so you can reach new frontiers you’ve not yet explored.

You’ll learn how to recognise different defence mechanisms that you’ve been employing. Often these start out for our protection but become rigid and habitual and often create more problems. You’ll learn how to challenge and break free from these cycles of relating to yourself and others so you can get back to being in the driving seat of your own life.

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