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Childhood Abuse Therapy

Psychological Childhood Abuse Therapy in Coventry & Warwickshire

Childhood Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Emotional, and/or Neglect) Mental Health Psychology

Children can experience many types of abuse throughout childhood; physical, emotional/verbal, sexual, cultural, economic and neglect. As a child, we are vulnerable and may need to depend on undependable adults for a long time. These traumas early in life can create long lasting anxiety and cripple our ability to lead a fulfilling life despite no longer being reliant on the adults we once were.


Many people can also describe being stuck in a “childlike” position, not able to progress through the important developmental milestones into adulthood due to outdated ways of relating to authority figures or others in positions of power.


Through psychological therapy, you’ll be helped to face the many complex feelings that may include rage and sadistic impulses, sexual feelings that may have been your body’s natural response, guilt and shame over disavowed emotions, grief over our unmet needs and longings as well as love toward the most destructive people in our lives. By facing these feelings, you can gain your freedom from avoiding the pain you feel and prevent yourself from putting more unnecessary pain into your life by trying to distract from this.

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