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Anxiety & Panic Therapy

Psychological Anxiety & Panic Therapy in Coventry & Warwickshire

Anxiety and Panic Mental Health Psychology

Anxiety can range from healthy to crippling. We all need some anxiety if we’re doing something important; it helps with motivation and focus. But, when anxiety increases to levels where you’re experiencing nausea, sickness, blurry vision, pain, sleep difficulties and confusion, this exceeds what we can tolerate. This is our body’s communication that anxiety is over our threshold.


You may have specific situations where you become anxious, such as phobias (which include obsessive ruminations and compulsions). Or, you may notice that your anxiety has generalised to many situations and is leading to avoidance. Panic can often emerge as a result of ignoring these earlier signs of anxiety and then becomes debilitating through catastrophic thoughts and living in fear of the next panic attack.


Through psychological treatment, we are able to help you to develop greater insight into the causes of your anxiety, overcome your difficulties, and recover your quality of life, health and emotional wellbeing.

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