Coaching through Safe Uncertainty


“Supervision with Suzanne was an incredibly eye-opening experience. I was struck by the genuine passion she puts into her work and found this, coupled with her willingness to share knowledge, very inspiring. 


Our work served to make me feel more educated, capable of achieving my own career goals, and ultimately left me feeling respected, heard and valued; regardless of the question or issue, I approached her with.  


For anyone wanting support achieving their potential and/or personal development, I would highly recommend working with Suzanne; as someone with a natural zeal to encourage, support and educate in a completely organic, open and refreshingly honest way.”



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 In 2017, I stood before a room of coaches across UK sports at Birmingham City's Football stadium and invited them to join me in creating an environment of safe uncertainty in today's culture of coaching.


As I talked through the model of Safe Uncertainty what captured their attention was what they intuitively knew to be true: the foundation of the relationship you create with your athletes is crucial to any success on and off the field. Working with the whole person, not just the 'player' is key to their development, growth and, success. 


When everything we do is communicated through the relationship we have with others, it's so important we understand how to develop these strong bonds and how to strengthen existing connections, even when that means having difficult conversations, to achieve growth and align with the values of your environment. 

Since then, I've collaborated with key experts in sports to translate this into a model (Learning Environment for Skilled Performance) and have worked closely with teams to bring this to life in their clubs sending ripple effects through staff, athletes and, parents. 

If you're ready to start making the most of your relationships and seeing the ripple effects in your club then get in touch today.  

Royal Leamington Spa, UK